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Get a brighter healthier smile with Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash

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Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash, is the newest edition to the Colgate Total line of oral healthcare products. When used regularly as recommended, you will be able to see immaculate results.

Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash has many great benefits. Not only was it designed to help whiten teeth, but it was also designed to help strengthen teeth. It also has a built in sodium fluoride formula that prevents new cavities from forming. In addition the formula helps create an invisible shield. The invisible shield is responsible for keeping new stains from forming on the surfaces of teeth. Lastly, the formula contains zinc which is very beneficial in preventing the formation of tarter. The ingredients in the formula all work together to help achieve a brighter, healthier smile. For even greater results, it is recommended to use Colgate Lasting White Mouthwash in conjunction with other Colgate Total Advanced whitening products.

Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash is available in 3 sizes 8.5 oz, 16.9 oz, and 33.8 oz, and currently the flavor is available in Polar Mint. For more information on Colgate Total Lasting White Mouthwash, please visit

For review purposes, a sample of this mouthwash was given to me by Colgate-Palmolive.