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Get a Banging Body Like Nicole Scherzinger

"Dancing With The Stars" winners Derek Hough & Nicole Scherzinger on "Good Morning America"
"Dancing With The Stars" winners Derek Hough & Nicole Scherzinger on "Good Morning America"
AP Photo/Charles Sykes

Dancing does a body good, and Nicole Scherzinger works hard for it, honey. A rock-hard body like that doesn’t just happen. It takes effort.

The Pussycat (and reigning "Dancing with the Stars" champ) rarely takes a day off, often spotted getting her sweat on even while vacationing.

"It’s about keeping a balance,” she told “Image is a part of this industry and a part of my job. I understand that, and I work very hard on that. I work out a lot. I jog a lot. I have a personal trainer. I keep very active.”

Natch, she also keeps her body moving by training to be on stage and performing with the Pussycat Dolls. She and the girls even have their own fitness DVD. To be super-fit like Nicole, being hot is a full time job. Basically.

With that much activity, anybody who knows anything about fitness will tell you that girlfriend has to eat to keep those muscles popping. Which she does, saying, “I don’t believe in being too skinny or unhealthy. I believe in being healthy and having a healthy appetite. I love to have my desserts, my chocolate, and cheese.”

Solid effort and a healthy diet are the key to this hottie’s success. For those seeking results, get to work!

  • Develop daily workout habits, such as a 30 minute jog (in addition to the gym or other activities; a constant done daily)
  • Take a hip hop or aerobic fitness class to get maximum cardio
  • Find training tips online or buy a session with a trainer to develop a full-body weight routine
  • Keep track of calories, including snacks and drinks
  • Eat meals consisting of healthy foods
  • Satisfy cravings in moderation, but only after exercising


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