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Gerrymandered legislative district opened for Latino

Will Campos
Prince George's County

For the first time in Maryland’s history, Democrats created a single-member Hispanic district in Prince George’s County, District 47B, which will have more than 63 percent Hispanic residents.

Prince George’s County Councilman Will Campos (D) is the chosen one the party drew Legislative District 47B for in 2012. When Gov. Martin O’Malley introduced the map, he noted it created a single-member Hispanic district in Prince George’s County, for the first time in history.

Democratic insiders said Campos is the choice. He cannot run for reelection due to term limits. In 2002 District 47 was created as a minority-majority district. Campos also served as Hispanic liaison to convicted-County Executive Jack Johnson.

Campos’ condo just happens to sit in the oddly shaped district.

The new district subsection will contain 9,000 whites, more than 11,000 blacks, 16,000 Latinos and 1,358 Asians. More than 19,000 people identified themselves as “some other race alone.” When dealing with 2010 Census figures it is important to realize Latinos are undercounted. Community “leaders” instructed their followers not to answer questions. It will have one delegate.

47A will have two delegates. It includes 7,300 whites, 29,600 blacks, nearly 24,000 Latinos and 1,400 Asians. More than 11,000 identified as “some other race alone,” according to federal census data.

Del. Jolene Ivey (D-47) is running for Lt. Gov. She can only run for one office so her position creates a seat in 47A. Dels. Doyle Niemann, Michael Summers and Ivey currently serve the district.

Niemann is going to run for Campos’ seat on the council. “I have been interested in the council for some time and ran for that office in 1990,” Niemann said. “Fortunately for me, I lost, which meant I went on to law school and several subsequent careers [school board, house of delegates, assistant states attorney].

“But now seems to be the time to put my experience to work for the county.”

47B will begin in Langley Park run north along the Montgomery County border to the Beltway. It moves east to the College Park border then runs south and to in the east along Riggs Road. It includes communities between East West Highway and University Blvd. The district also includes West Hyattsville and neighborhoods around Northwestern High School near Adelphi Rd.

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