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President Barack Obama at cabinet meeting.
T. J. Kirkpatrick--Pool/Getty Images

I wonder if Congress will invoke the name of that famous American Indian leader as they take us all over the fiscal cliff. Each day differing reports come out of Washington. One day they tell us they’re close to an agreement. Then next they’re at loggerheads. But no matter the result of this fight, the American taxpayer will bear the burden of digging D.C. out of the massive hole they’ve dug us into. The problem is, neither side has the will to dig us out. They have one interest, and one interest only, amassing power.

According to an article by Andrew Taylor for the Huffington Post, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has proposed new taxes to the tune of $1.6 trillion; extending the 2 percent payroll tax deduction or something like it; and $50 billion in stimulus spending on infrastructure. Geithner also thinks of a permanent extension of the debt ceiling as a good idea.

For his part, Barack Obama wants to increase tax rates and taxes on investment income on to garner as much as $960 billion on high earners as well as $600 billion in additional taxes for the rest of us, including higher fees on airline tickets.

Oh, and spending cuts? Only $400 billion over the next ten years in health care programs, and other services such as farm subsidies, and the Postal Service. But they would account for nothing as Obama also wants to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term jobless. The dems figure this would put an end to the $109 billion in automatic across-the-board spending cuts known as a sequester from hitting us all in January.

While the Republicans look like they’re putting up a valiant fight, it’s all for show. In the end, they’re going to cave because the White House will insist and demonize them if they don’t. Obama will place all the blame squarely at the doorstep of the Republicans and blame his failures on them, and make no mistake his policies will fail yet again.

Obama, that rock star, empty-suited president, wants to do more of the same that has brought us a $16 trillion debt; an average of 8 percent unemployment; a failure to recover from the most recent recession and a good possibility of entering another; higher taxation through Obamacare, inflation, and other taxes; more spending; and a steady but unmistakable chipping away of freedom.

He’s had four years to pursue his vision and he has failed miserably. Sadly, the American people have given him another four years in the Oval Office. On the upside, the dems only won by about 3 percent of the vote, which leads me to hope that we have enough critically thinking people remaining to begin to turn the tide in 2014. If not, America is lost and we can all scream Geronimo! as we head for the Marxist abyss.


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