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Germany 5, Brazil 0, at half-time of World Cup semifinal

Klose celebrates record
Klose celebrates record
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Tuesday, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the German National Football Team showed its true colors and played on all cylinders for 29 concussive minutes, scoring five goals and seemingly settling their World Cup semifinal match against hosts Brazil.

The goals came in buckets over a seven minute span, following the early opening score from Thomas Muller at the 11th minute. He scored by being fully unmarked in the middle of the box during a corner and simply redirecting the ball into the net for the 1-0 advantage.

The Brazilians, who had begun the game making the first three chances seemed not able to respond and the Germans immediately sensed their opening and went for the jugular.

At the 23rd minute Miroslav Klose found himself in front of goal from close in and shooting weakly and at Julio Cesar. But the keeper dove to get what could easily have been a kick save and instead spilled the ball forward into Klose’s path. The striker kicked the ball the rest of the way in for his record breaking 16th World Cup goal, eclipsing Brazil’s Ronaldo at 15 goals.

At the 24th minute, Toni Kroos was allowed to take an uncontested shot from just inside the left side of the box for the ridiculous 3-0 score line. The Brazilians seemed so shell shocked the fourth score seemed closer than any reaction to stop the onslaught.

At the 26th minute another simple attack seemed to spit the Brazilian defense wide open and found Kroos in the box and unopposed again, for a simple put away.

At the 29th minute another simple attack that began at the midfield line saw no opposition facing any German moving down the field. The final series of passes, all in the Brazilian box, resembled a bunch of college kids playing keep away from some kindergarteners and Sami Khedira found himself a World Cup goal.

By the 30th minute mark not a single fan, player. or broadcast spectator could doubt what they were seeing. All that we had been saying about the Brazilian team since last year’s confederation cup came home to roost with a vengeance. Germany 5, Brazil 0, the first half’s concluding score, was the fair reflection of what happened on the pitch.

Kudos must be offered to Mexican referee Marco Rodriguez who allowed but three fouls go unsanctioned, none controversial or game defining. Thereafter he simply took control of the game not allowing anyone to overdue the tackling or anything else.

What could the second half possibly offer to alter the tenor, let alone outcome of this match?

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