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German store Hitler mugs: 'Nasty cups' mistakenly sold fetch reward for return

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A German furniture store selling coffee mugs with Hilter’s image along with a swastika appearing on the cup is now under investigation. The Zurbruggen retail chain purchased these coffee mugs not realizing that these images appeared on this seemingly generic mug, according to NewsMax on April 11. Hitler is one evil entity in history that Germany wants to severe itself from. This is seemingly the reason that it is against the law to sell merchandise depicting his image or the image of his infamous swastika.

The store has sold almost 200 of the mugs before the mistake was noticed. The image of Hitler and the swastika are tiny and in the background. Hitler’s face is lightly imaged on a postage stamp in the mug’s design. The primary images seen on the mug are the roses, with the two illegal images looking like they were almost planted within the design. The images don’t go along with the main scene created for the mug.

According to BBC News Europe, the shop purchased 5,000 of the mugs at a manufacturer’s trade fair and the shop is selling them for $2.70 a mug. Before realizing the images were on the mug about 200 of these novelty mugs were sold. Zurgrueggen is offering $27 for each mug returned to the store. This reward for turning them in has enticed only six cups back into the store so far. Local prosecutor Christoph Mackel said:

"Police are presently collecting evidence and will forward their findings to the prosecutor’s office, where we will have to determine whether there would be reasonable suspicion of a deliberate act."

It was an employee of the store who first noticed Hitler’s image on the mug and a closer look turned up the swastika. The mugs were out on the shelves for only three or four days before they were pulled once the illegal and immoral depictions were discovered. The store’s co-owner Christian Zurbruggen said that they have been in touch with the manufacturer “to prevent further distribution of these nasty cups.”

The cups come from a Chinese manufacturer and the store plans to seek a refund from them. Zurbrueggen said, “We unintentionally ordered these cups and want to take them out of circulation as quick as possible.”
BBC News Europe reports that the store has destroyed the remainder of the cups. The store wants the cups that were sold to customers returned for a monetary reward, but they may have some competition. The House of History, which is a contemporary museum in Bonn, wants to get their hands on a couple of these mugs.