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German shepherd who spent 13 years tied to tree desperately seeking Seattle home

For thirteen long years, J.J. the German Shepherd was tied to a tree. Year in and year out, he wondered: when would he finally find a family?

Sweet senior J.J. is searching for a home of his own after 13 long years of being chained to a tree.
Courtesy of Helen Anne Gately
German shepherd who spent 13 years tied to a tree desperately seeking a home
Courtesy of Helen Anne Gately

Update: JJ was adopted! Read the story here.

Finally, a Good Samaritan came to the home where J.J. was chained and demanded that his owner relinquish him. Fortunately for J..J., the owner did - and now, at 13 1/2 years of age, J.J. is searching for the loving family that he has never known.

This sweet senior German Shepherd is currently in the Seattle area with a foster family. Can you help him find his forever family? J.J. is searching for a home in the greater Seattle, Wash. area. He has a Facebook page, too: JJ the Magnificent German Shepherd Dog.

J.J. is an intact male German Shepherd dog who weighs approximately 120 pounds. He is housebroken, indicating that he was trained at some point in his life. J.J. does have a strong prey drive, likely as a result of being chained for so long, and he will need to find a forever home that has no cats or other small animals. He would prefer to go to a home that has no other dogs, but could possibly live with an older female dog. J.J. is also searching for a home that doesn't have small children - not because he doesn't love them, but because he will require a lot of time and attention.

After living for so many years exposed to the elements, this senior shepherd must go to an indoor home with his new person or family. He also needs to have a fenced yard, although it doesn't have to be large. German Shepherds like J.J. love to patrol their territory, so a large yard would likely be too much for this sweet senior.

Even though he lived without attention for so many years, J.J. seeks out attention and is very affectionate. J.J. does require pain management and anti-inflammatory therapy for his arthritis and he is currently receiving antibiotics for a bacterial ear infection. He is sensitive about having his paws and ears touched, which could change in time after his ear infection is cleared up and trust is built with his new person.

This kind senior dog loves to go on a walk and has wonderful leash manners. He wears a harness to protect his neck and spine.

J.J. will come with a medication supply as-needed, free lifetime massage, an end of life plan when he nears end of life, and other canine resources to ensure that the December of his days are filled with the love, comfort, and support that he was denied during the first thirteen years of his life.

Can you open your heart and home to this deserving dog? J.J. is in Seattle and needs to go to a Seattle-area home. If you are interested in giving J.J. a home, please contact Helen Anne Gately at hag 68 @ yahoo. com.

And if you can't adopt J.J. at this time, please share his story and help him find a loving home.

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