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German shepherd throwaway destined for euthanasia in California shelter

Please help this four-year-old German shepherd mix who is slated for euthanasia.
Angels for Animals Network

Rescue is hard work, and finding homes for the millions of pets ending up in shelters across the nation continues to present a most daunting task. In the Orange County Shelter, there waits a young German shepherd mix with a bacterial skin infection. No one has adopted him; no one has stepped forward to give him the chance he needs.

He has no name, and his life is slated to end at any time; he has been at the shelter since Jan. 28, and his "review date" was Feb. 1.

This unaltered, four-year-old black and tan male has special needs. His skin condition has been diagnosed as pyoderma which is a bacterial skin infection with lesions that present much like "pimples" in humans.

Sadly, A1298291, has over 3,000 shares on social media, yet no one has made a commitment to his future. Many county animal shelters have no funding for medical treatment, and therefore pets with medical conditions are often euthanized to save them from further suffering. Rescue organizations have limited funding, and in order to help these beautiful castoffs, they must raise the needed medical funds through donations.

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For more information about Orange County Shelter:

" 561 The City Drive South, Orange, CA. 92868 Telephone: 714.935.6848 Hours: Monday - Sunday 10:00am - 5:00pm Wed -10:00am - 7:00pm"

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