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German shepherd puppy stolen from man's car

Stolen puppy
Stolen puppy
Screen shot via CBS Sacramento

According to Sunday's CBS Sacramento News, a German shepherd puppy was stolen from a man's vehicle in Stockton, California.

The six-month-old puppy, named "Sadie Mae," was inside of James Morris' car, which was parked at an apartment complex on Village Green Drive; Morris was visiting a friend at the time that two men seized the opportunity to whisk the pup away.

Morris' effort to keep his vehicle cool enough for the pup gave the men the chance that they needed to take her away - the car's doors were locked, water had been left inside and the windows were halfway down.

Morris was close enough to see his puppy be taken away, but not close enough to stop the crime. Morris told CBS News:

I saw them from my friend’s apartment door; I saw them take her out of the car, which i couldn’t do anything it was too far, and there was an SUV,”

Now, the worried owner is pleading for his pup to be returned; he stated:

If you see her, please contact the Stockton Police Department, or if you are the one who took her and you have her, I don’t care just please bring her home,”

Click here to watch the CBS Sacramento interview with James Morris.

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