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German Glue Review for You... Woohoo?

German Glue review for you... Woohoo?
German Glue review for you... Woohoo?

Okay, I'm no Dr. Seuss, but since the dawn of DIY man, and woman, have been looking for a glue that will hold strong, bond just about anything, and do it all right now. Personally I have tried hundreds of glues, epoxies, compounds and resins but where some were great for large scale industrial use they fail miserably when it comes to your small household fixes. Super glue is great when you first open the package but since it is activated by oxygen it quickly hardens in its little tube after only one use. I am always on the lookout for a product that is quick, strong and can go the distance without turning its container into a rock, and at the last Central Florida Home show I finally found something that seemed to fit the bill.

I had come to know a few vendors from previous home shows and it was always good to see these guys again and do a quick catchup. Ray, a great guy that does 3M solar tinting in Jax, took me over to the German Glue stand and said that I had to see their demonstration. Well, the stand was small and with little signage, ziplock bags of glue, and no website to speak of I thought 'ole Ray might be screwing with me. That guy’s a card. Anyway, the short German guy started gluing stuff and a crowd quickly formed around us as that small bottle of glue grabbed, no snatched, our attention.

Ceramic, rubber and metal were bonded in seconds. Holes in concrete, wood and metal were filled and filed smooth seconds after they were created. The demonstration took mere minutes to perform and afterwards the man could not bring product out fast enough. I myself bought three packs and have used it a few times, I almost wish stuff could break just to glue it back together… Well, not really but kinda. Anyway, Max 1 instant glue is an amazing product and I shot this small video of a liner peeling away from a wood charging station to back my claims. It’s still nicely secured two weeks later I must say.

The Central Florida Home show will be appearing again this October and among all the great vendors plying their wares check out the small German Glue demonstration. It is a fairly expensive glue starting at $25 bucks but you won’t be disappointed.