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Germaine Wells Museum Hosts Glitz and Glam

In Arnaud's, upstairs, there's a museum to Germaine Wells' Mardi Gras affairs with shimmering wears.

Germaine Wells was Queen to more Mardi Gras parades than any other woman.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
There's an endless grace to Germaine Wells' Museum.
Marisa L. Williams

With all the glitz and glitter, you can almost picture her flitter, an essential charisma emitter.

For her parade needs, there's dresses with dazzling beads; picture her as the parade proceeds.

Of course, they say that her spirit remains there to this day, not wanting to rest and decay.

Explore and get goosebumps. An unexpected sound; jumps. Was that a lady in heels or pumps?

There's one particular door that they say the ghost likes to explore, but check out the decor.

A seemingly endless train, dresses that timelessly remain, you gotta give props to Germaine.

This is a lady of glamor, who could make the crowds clamor, as she donned a styling hammer.

Ruling parades as the Queen, with fabrics that shimmer and sheen, could you picture her at Halloween?

Her costumes are over the top with fitted waists that drop and delicate feathers fashioned as a prop.

The details on each gown is as impressive as the crown, a multitude of rhinestones dripping down.

Queen of her own parade, she didn't walk as much as promenade, and she's outlandishly portrayed.

She made an Easter parade to show her hats, could hold her own in spats and had the grace of cats.

Chomp into a flaky croissant and ponder why wouldn't she haunt her beloved restaurant?

Her personality packed a punch. She had a theatre hunch that Arnaud's had two acts, dinner and lunch.

Though people doubted her, she ran the restaurant like a theatre and gave the gossip world a stir.

Be it her choice in men, or how she made journalists take to a pen, she'd have people talking again.

Take a look and see just how timeless creations can be with a museum that's overly glittery.

To this very day, you can hear astonished people say that they cannot believe the opulence on display.

She may have been a flirt, but just looking at the bead work on one skirt makes my fingers hurt.

Imagine all the time, not to mention the dime, it must have took to make these outfits so sublime.

It's artistry you don't see much, needlework with a skillful touch, even down to the handbag clutch.

You really must stop by. The outfits will make you wistfully sigh. At least, tell Germaine's ghost hi.

For more on Germaine Wells and Arnaud's restaurant in New Orleans' French Quarter, visit The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Wiliams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, go to and

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