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Gerard Way will be making a new Spider Man

You heard right, Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, you know the band from the early 2000s who wore make-up and made teen emo girl's hearts bleed with love, is making a new Spider Man. Along with artist Jake Wyatt, Gerard is creating a new Spider-Man with a new universe. Gerard's Spider Man will be apart of a mini series called Edge of Spider-Verse. Edge of Spider-Verse will revisit different Spider-Types leading up to the big Spider-Verse event.

You can start reading Edge of Spider-Verse this September. For more comic book news, reviews, sneak peek, and other nerdy stuff visit

Along with Gerard Way's Spider Man, Edge of Spider-Verse will start off with Spider-Man Noir by David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky. There will also be Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez's What if Gwen Stacy was Spider-Woman, Dustin Weaver's sci-fi Dr. Aaron Aikman Spider-Man, and a very monstrous Spider-Man by Clay McLeod Chapman and Garry Brown. Edge of Spider-Verse will also refer to all the Spider-Man books that lead up to the huge Spider-Verse event. This is going to be a huge event that no Spider-Man fan will want to miss. The event starts with Edge of Spider-Verse out this September.

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