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Gerard Way releases first solo song since My Chemical Romance breakup

Gerard Way
Gerard Way
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Since the tragic break up of My Chemical Romance, fans have been nothing more than zombie-like creatures who wade through their everyday lives in a fog of melancholic longing. Okay, maybe its not that bad and we did get Fall Out Boy back, but MCR fans everywhere rejoice! Former lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way released his first ever solo song today and it is everything we’ve been trying to fill the consuming void in our lives with and more.

The new single, titled “Action Cat,” is full of the catchy lyrics that made him famous in the first place paired with an edgy reverb in the background and an infectious beat that has you nodding along without even noticing this is exactly what fans have been waiting so anxiously for. A line in the chorus states, “Did you miss me? Cause I missed you.” It's enough to make fans everywhere fall right back into why they loved My Chemical Romance so much before. We can’t wait to see what else Gerard Way has in store for us if it’s even half as good as this song.

Way has stated in the past that he’ll be making his solo debut at the Reading and Leeds festival in Britain this summer and the song released today is only making us all vibrate with excitement for August to roll around. In the infamous words of Way himself: I’m Not Okay.