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Gerard Sybers after-death experiencer who went to heaven and met a Great King who greeted him.

Near-Death Experiencer Gerard Sybers
Near-Death Experiencer Gerard Sybers
Gerard Sybers

There is a man named Gerard Sybers who claims that he died and went to heaven, where he saw God.

His experience was indeed exceptional, and his story is fascinating. A deeply religious man, Gerard endured internment in a prison camp in World War II and has suffered physical problems stemming from this enforced imprisonment ever since.

Born in Bandung, Dutch East Indies, in 1936,Gerard moved with his family to Sumatra four years later and was interned there by the Japanese. As a result, Gerard was diagnosed with a heart murmur and a few years later with Blackwater Fever, a malignant malaria from which there were few survivors.

He was also diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 1991. The site this time was his head, and the offending malignancy was successfully removed. He has been in relatively fair health ever since.

His experience happened on December 20,1993, when he was taken ill in the afternoon.His wife Elly called 911 and the paramedics came and did their best to revive him. After being given a dose of medicine at the hospital (to which he was allergic), Sybers went into anaphylactic shock and swallowed his tongue. He remembers praying and immediately seeing three angels who lifted him up and carried him.

While the angels did not speak, they communicated by something akin to telepathy. When he asked where they were taking him they told him he was going to "the city of the Great King." Almost immediately he saw the Great King who embraced him as if he were a long-lost beloved son.He was told many things by this king, and was asked if he would like to stay. When he replied "Yes," he was told that he needed to return to the world where he "would do a great work."

Gerard was back in his body and in excrutiating pain. He was covered with medical equipment and could not speak. Told by the doctors that Gerard would be a vegetable, Elly never lost faith that her husband would recover. And Sybers lived to tell everyone about his great adventure He feels that he is undeserving to have been in the Great King's presence, and says that the city is absolutely wonderful...there are no words to describe it.

Although Gerard Sybers lives in Oregon, he has many friends in the Stratford, Ontario, area, and enjoys regular visits with them.


  • Tushar Sen 4 years ago

    I never experienced as above, but I have gone through number of cases after death in India as well as in other countries. The death experience of Indians are almost same, but different to other countries. Once I read in a magazine that a person died perhaps in Britain and immediately after death he met various persons who were already died before him. What happen after death is an unsolved question to me like others.