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Gerard J. Medvec on 'Mid-Atlantic UFOs'

Mid-Atlantic UFOs High Traffic Area

1. What was your motivation and inspiration to create your new book, "Mid-Atlantic UFOs High Traffic Area?"

Inspiration came from my own experiences with aliens and UFOs. I’ve had thirty-four events as of this date and expect many more in the coming year. Motivation for writing Mid-Atlantic UFOs and my previous book UFOs above PA, as well as my upcoming book set in New Jersey, was the fact that the alien phenomenon is the most important story of all time. People need to know about it, either through reading it in books like mine or from other authors, and preferably to have their own first-hand experiences which all my books encourage people to do.

2. Could you share some of the statistics you shared about UFO sightings in the Mid Atlantic? And also from what info gathering organizations did this info come from?

During a one-year period, reporting from only two of the many info gathering organizations, there were 1729 UFO sightings for the United States mid-Atlantic region. Included in this area are New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington DC. This averaged 144 per month, or roughly 5 per day – and these are just those reported! The two sources used were the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). Other sources that were not used were the International UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico, UFOs Northwest,, and the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) among others. The reason I did not use these other sources was for simplicity’s sake when writing the book.
The five sightings per day figure, however, in no way reflects an accurate number of sightings for the mid-Atlantic region since this does not include the larger volume of sightings that are never reported! For instance, I’ve had thirty-four experiences as of this date, yet I’ve never reported one of them to any official recording body. Why? I just never felt a need to do that, and most people who have sightings do not report them to any official body. Also, the thirty full length stories in Mid-Atlantic UFOs have never before been reported anywhere. Neither have the stories in my previous and upcoming book. So, what’s the real number for daily sightings in the mid-Atlantic region? While that can only ever be estimated, my best guesstimate is at least twenty per day.

3. When did your fascination of UFO sightings start exactly and why?

“When” is easy. I have always been interested in space travel, aliens, and all that goes with it. As of today, January 8, 2014 I’m sixty-one years old. That’s a long time to be following a topic. My first conscious memory of a UFO sighting was back around 1993 in Pine Bush, New York. I went up there specifically to have a UFO sighting. The reason I went there was because Pine Bush had been featured several times on the then-current television show called Sightings on the Fox network and the small town was considered a UFO hotspot. Sure enough, after about an hour of observing the sky on a Saturday night I saw a white globe flying next to a small private airplane coming out of Stewart Airfield. From that moment I was hooked.
The “why” is a little trickier. What captures my interest most about the alien phenomenon is, the fact that they do exist opens up to all humanity the potential for sticking our fingers into the full expanse of our universe and perhaps beyond. Of course this would have to be with the help of other civilizations, beings who would be willing to assist us in learning more about our massive surroundings.

4. Can you share with us the story of the Delaware “Red Sphere?”

On a Wednesday night in August 1959, Walt, his Uncle JR, and his buddy, Lou, were taking an overnight fishing trip. Often during the week, they borrowed one of his dad’s ferry boats and navigated down the Delaware River to Delaware Bay to fish. The boat was tied up to an oyster bed, which was three-to four hundred feet from Blake Channel, the deepest part of Delaware Bay. By around 2:00 a.m. Walt and Lou were still eager to fish and had put lights on the side of the boat to attract night feeders. Suddenly a huge, glowing, shiny, red tinted sphere rose out of the water from the deep part of the channel just south of their position. Once fully out of the water it stopped and sat there suspended against gravity, its bottom extremity barely touching the water. It was about a tenth of a mile away and about 40 feet in diameter. That made it larger than many residential homes. It made no sound, and according to Walt it was ominous. The men watched it for several minutes before it surprisingly shot off into the night sky in about one second’s time and disappeared completely. It changed Walt’s life forever.

5. How about “The Little Men” encounter that also took place in Delaware?

One early spring night in 1952, six-year-old Sandra and her three-year-old sister Ann were asleep in their bedroom on Fifth Street in Wilmington, Delaware. All the windows of the brick row house were closed and locked and the two girls were asleep in their beds facing the one window in the room. Sandra suddenly shot awake and became riveted on three unexpected visitors who miraculously entered the room through the glass window without breaking it. The little men, barely three-feet tall, were gray in color, had no hair, but were humanoid enough not to frighten the little girl. Their facial features, however, were a blur. The three men jumped from the window sill over a baby stroller onto the bedroom floor—and then they were instantly gone!
The next morning, Sandra was in the kitchen telling her mother and grandmother about the “dream” that she had about the three men who mysteriously appeared in her room. No sooner had she finished her tale than her little sister Ann came into the room and recited the exact same story. That seemed to be the end of the adventure, except that for the next sixty years the two sisters always wondered how they had shared a dream when generally it is impossible to do so. In the end, separate hypnotic regressions on the two women revealed that it was not a dream, and that the three little men had taken both girls out of the room, out through the closed window and up to a vessel somewhere away from the house.

6. Okay I have to hear this “Night of the Mist” story involving the teenage campers. Sounds like an 80's horror flick. Would you share it with us?

Unfortunately, in this story the word “horror” may actually apply. It would be a horror that is unexplainable, bizarre and a slow torture over many months. But it may, in the end, not necessarily be the “alien’s” fault.
Near the end of June, 1992, six young men had just graduated high school and were on a five-day backpacking trip across their home state of northern Maryland to celebrate. At the end of the first night they set up camp, had dinner, and were in their nylon sleeping bags around the dying fire, under the stars, by 11:00 p.m.
At 2:00 a.m. several of the boys awoke to find their friend Joe—the only one of the six sleeping under a wool blanket –in an unusual condition.
Around him, and on him, was a strange blue-green haze. The mist had a defined appearance; it was contained in a soft oblong shape with rounded corners and wispy edges. It was thick, between eight and twelve inches high, about seven feet long, close to three feet wide. It was semi-transparent. The fog-like cloud settled over Joe’s sleeping area in this neat form; there was no fog anywhere else. The boys tried to wake their friend by calling to him softly at first, than shouting loudly. He did not respond. They tried to get close to him in order to drag him from under the blue-green area. But the closer they got to Joe, the more their hands, arms, feet and legs began to go numb and lose mobility. In the end, there was little they could do to help him. Then, as suddenly as the mist had appeared it vanished as if from a flick of a switch. The boys were then able to wake Joe and ask him if he was okay. He had no idea what they were talking about and thought that they were playing a joke on him. His only real need was to go back to sleep and get some rest and he suggested that his friends all do the same.
The the next morning, however, Joe had a different mindset.
He insisted on going home. The other boys were surprised and urged him to shake off any ill feelings that he had from the night under the mist and to continue on with their week of frivolity as planned. But Joe was adamant. Home was calling him right now. The trip was canceled and the boys took their friend to his house.
From that moment on Joe’s relationship with his friends changed profoundly. Up to that day he had been a fun friend to the group. They hung together closely all through high school, shared many interests and even double dated at times. Joe’s late teenage energy tempered by his good nature made him an important part of the pack. But after the intrusion of the blue-green mist, Joe changed. Immediately, on the ride home, he began pulling away from his friends. He gave them one word answers to their queries, or ignored them altogether. Over the ensuing months he became a recluse. Not only did he stop associating with the group, but he stopped talking to them. Joe never called them on the phone and he would not answer or return their calls. One of his friends, Bill, tried to keep in touch with Joe despite his reticence. He would talk with Joe’s mother and get reports from her to find out how his old friend was doing. She told Bill that rarely did Joe ever leave the house anymore except for doctor’s visits. Health issues manifested almost overnight. The medical visits were not only for physical but also mental evaluations and they grew in frequency. Joe’s medical examiners were never able to determine exactly what was wrong with him or the reason for his physical and mental deterioration. For whatever reason, Joe was becoming a different person.
Finally, after about seven months, Bill was able to contact Joe on the phone directly. He had to drag every answer out of his old friend. “What’s wrong with you,” he asked, frustrated after a few lines of small talk that felt like a tug-o-war. “Honestly,” Joe said in a slow, despondent voice, a voice that barely sounded like the former vibrant young man, but more like a child talking from down a hollow well. “After we got back from that trip, I felt like something was taken from me. I can’t describe exactly what it is, but that mist seemed to suck the soul right out of me.”
Three months later, Joe committed suicide.
As strange and despondent as the story sounds, the rest of it is even stranger.

7. This is a wildcard question. What story would you like to share with us from the book?

Of course, I’d like your readers to buy the book so I could share all the stories with them! All the full-length stories are written in a short-story style to make them fun to read. But there are also many short reports throughout the book, about a dozen in each state, which just give nuts and bolts information about the UFO experience. One of the wildest ones happened in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, on April 17, 2004, approximately 3:30 AM. The witness originally reported seeing fifteen orange balls of light fly over her house in a sharp V formation. And if that was all she saw, it would have been fantastic. But over the next hour she actually reported seeing not just fifteen, not a hundred, but 500 orange balls of light in groups of between fifteen and fifty at a time! This may be one of the largest mass sightings of all time!

8. So out of all these stories you've been told what can you tell us about the alien beings? What do you think they are up to and why?

This is a funny question that I get asked all the time. And while I know that it’s a popular practice to put out a theory on whatever subject you’re working on once you’ve “published,” I try not to do that. Perhaps that frustrates some people, and if it does, I’m sorry.
Because we are dealing with beings who are so far beyond us technologically, intellectually and perhaps spiritually, our ability to surmise their intentions and the reasons behind them, I feel, is way outside the reach of human beings. For me, the only real way to get answers to what they’re up to and and why they perform in such fashions is to ask them directly. Of course, the problem with that is you need to stand face-to-face with them, asked them point blank questions, and hope to heaven that you can understand the answers. I don’t believe aliens would intentionally lie to us because they have so little to fear from us. I do, however, think that even if you can get to the point of face-to-face communications, the alien’s interest in explaining their position in human terms may simply be too far below them.
Having said all that, here’s one thing I feel strong about.
The aliens are not here to take over our world. That could have been done easily at any time in our history. If, as the Ancient Alien theory postulates, we are the children of the star people, then there would be little sense in them having nurtured us through centuries of development, incrementally upgrading our DNA, only to dash us to pieces or enslave us. There is some masterful, grand design in play by the aliens, but that design is so enormous that it is impossible for us to step far enough back to see. We have to get off the planet to do that, way off the planet. And to do that we would need their help. I can only hope that the help comes soon.

9. This “Trespass Against Us” story in West Virginia sounds like a horror of a story. What can you tell us about it?

This is an abduction story of Tracy and Will, two young people from West Virginia. Their decision to relocate to Utah for both business and pleasure ended up being neither. The couple’s perceptions of “aliens,” and their youthful hopes for “happily ever after,” were forever dashed by the intervention of a being that was as incomprehensible as it was terrifying.
On Sunday, February 13, 2011, the couple, who had been driving along a familiar highway, in an instant found themselves in a building of unknown design and origin. They seemed to be waiting for something. The area was dark and forbidding. Suddenly, a fiery red face with black highlights manifested into view as if formed from the very darkness of the room. It was holding Tracy and Will as prisoners. They pleaded for their release, but the terrifying form refused. Its potential aggression seemed imminent. For in the creature’s bony hand was clutched a living human infant, an infant soaked in blood. Later, the couple would hypnotically regress themselves to learn of additional maddening details of their experience. The outcome is heart wrenching and hair-raising.

10. Any links you'd like to share and when can we expect your next book? Thanks for this interview.

Folk in the lower forty-eight states interested in autographed copies of Mid-Atlantic UFOs: High Traffic Area, can send a check for $22 to:
Gerard J. Medvec
PO Box 42
Delaware City, DE 19706

Or pay by credit card on PayPal at: People outside the forty-eight can email for a price quote.

My next book about UFOs in New Jersey will be out this spring. Thanks for the interview, Jeffery.

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