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Gerald Swindle start your kids on shaky head

Tight lips don’t make tight lines. Fish may shy away from other rigs but the shaky head , it’s no secret it’s been winning tournaments for a long time. The shaky head has many retrieve styles. Shake it all about and lift it off the bottom. Gerald Swindle Bassmaster Elite Bass pro, “For me if I’m going to take a kid fishing I’m going to take kids to the ‘go to’ shaky head.”

Gerald Swindle start your kids on shaky head

The Rapala VMC Shaky head and the Strike King Tour Grade Shaky Heads

Summertime shaky head. It’s times like these you learn to love the shaky head again. The shaky head is a small profile bait that can be worked through suspended bass down to the clear bottoms. “I love fishing and a lot of people ask me where to start when they take their kids fishing. What do I use? I fish it on a spinning rod about six-foot-six, maybe an 8-pound line or ten-pound line.”

The shaky head matches the size of the baitfish

Get your bait to the structure. No wind, and a summer cold front the shaky head is going to generate some action. Boyd Duckett learned how to use a shaky head on Lake Lanier. Duckett agrees once the fish slow down and shut down it’s time to break out the shaky head.

Skaky head is made by most manufacturers

When is a shaky high octane? It’s guaranteed to convert picky biters into smacking their lips. Slacking the line, not too slack and popping it for a hard bottom area. No tension on the line and let it fall. Using a heavier weight will disturb the bottom more and wake up the fish. Skipping under docks, around bridges and piers, the shaky works anywhere the tournament pros thinks it work best under pressure.