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Gerald Green is making a run at NBA's Most Improved Player Award

Gerald Green has been a major catalyst for the Phoenix Suns's success this year.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There's a term in professional sports known as the “journeyman” that many do not carry fondly. While these individuals do make it to the big leagues, they are often bounced from team to team before either finding a home or finding their way out of the league. Gerald Green is one of the most prominent examples of said category in recent memory. Unlike others, he's found himself on the outskirts of the NBA multiple times and finally he may have found a home with the Phoenix Suns.

A first round pick by the Boston Celtics back in 2005; Green is one of those players in which everyone has something great to mention about him, but can't seem to stay on a team. He's always been the type that's willing to contribute when asked, but that has never been enough to keep him a part of a team for an extended period of time. In fact, the two seasons that he spent with the Celtics after coming out of Gulf Shores Academy in Houston, Texas is the longest that he's spent on one teams roster. Since that time he's played for six more teams in the NBA, never catching on for a full season.

However, that may change after the way he's performed as a member of the Suns. Green is currently putting up a career high 15.7 points and 3.4 rebounds per game. In March alone he's averaging 21 points an outing as he's taken advantage of some injuries that have occurred to the Suns guards. During 2014 he's broken his career scoring record twice when he earned 36 points against the Denver Nuggets on February 18, just to follow that up with 41 against the Oklahoma City Thunder on March 6. When given the opportunity to be a key contributor, Green has stepped up and performed very well.

Before the 2014 season Green was best known for his ability to throw down highlight reel slam dunks in the open lane and during the NBA All-Star weekend. He's using this year to make a run at the NBA's Most Improved Player award and prove that he deserves the opportunity to remain a part of a contending team roster. The Suns are currently sitting in the ninth spot in the Western Conference and hope to make a late season run to make the playoffs. If that is to occur, Green should be one of the key factors in that success. Doing so may earn him the chance to obtain something that has eluded him so far in this career; a long term roster spot.

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