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Georgie's Gift: Family's fundraiser in memory of pit bull who died from cancer

Georgie was a beloved member of the Wallin family
Georgie was a beloved member of the Wallin family
Shannon and Jason Wallin

Georgie is gone.

Georgie's Gift: Family's fundraiser in memory of pit bull who died from cancer
Courtesy of Shannon and Jason Wallin

The golden pit bull with a heart of gold was the beloved family member of the Wallin family for so many years. She walked in their wedding. She taught their young daughters about patience, compassion, and unconditional love. She was their companion, their confidante, their pet, and sometimes...their pillow. She was an ambassador for all pit bulls and she was a friend to everyone she met.

And on Thursday, June 26, she succumbed to cancer. But in her honor, her family is trying to save the lives of other deserving dogs. Donate to Georgie's Cuddle Fund here.

When Georgie was diagnosed with canine cancer only two weeks ago, her family's announcement was heart-wrenching. Jason Wallin stated:

This morning we learned that Georgie is dying. We don't know when, but it won't be long. She has cancer that has metastasized into her lungs. She has been our beloved, our companion, our friend, our playmate, our helpmate. And soon she will die.

When the time comes, we will miss her terribly. Until then, we revel in her life. And we spoil her rotten.

I will not tell our daughters that they will see their great pal, their cleaner of lunch plates, their masterful cuddler again. They will not. I will not dull their pain with fictions.

But neither will Georgie be completely absent. She will be there in each kindness that our daughters extend to our non-human kin. She will be in each question they ask and each gesture they make that blurs lines, that breaches boundaries between "us" and "them." She'll be in each act of compassion and each instance of companionship.

With your help, Georgie's legacy will be one of love - the memory of this inspirational pit bull will inspire others to support dog rescues and save other lives.

Georgie's family wrote today:

Georgie loved everyone she met, and was loved by everyone she met. She brought out the dog person inside all of us, even those of us who did not yet know that we were dog people. She lived, and inspired in us, a life of companionship, compassion, and joy.

Georgie was a rescue. We do not know what her first three or so years of her life we like. But, we reveled in each day of the last nine years that she was an integral part of our family.

To celebrate those days, we want to give other dogs, dogs who today may not have warm and loving homes, a chance at the life we tried to give Georgie.

To celebrate those days, we want to give families, families who today may not even realize how much more warm and loving their homes can be, a chance at the life Georgie help give us.

Will you share a few dollars in this effort? We will split the funds raised between three worthy non-profit organizations. Yakima Valley Pet Rescue first saved Georgie from the streets. We will be forever grateful for their introducing us to Georgie. Lady's Hope and Bullseye Dog Rescue are two western Washington rescues that do amazing work caring for and finding loving homes for pit bulls and other dogs.

If you find yourself with a little cash to spare, and you would like us to help remember Georgie in a way that can help many, many more rescue dogs like her, please take a moment to donate.

Thank you so much, and thank you for having been a part, large or small, in an amazing dog's life.

Please donate to Georgie's Cuddle Fund today. And if you can't donate at this time, please share this with your animal loving friends.

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