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Georgian star-gazers unite in the Atlanta Astronomy Club

The Atlanta Astronomy Club is a great place for heavenly-body-aficionados.
The Atlanta Astronomy Club is a great place for heavenly-body-aficionados.

For those Atlantans who just can’t get enough of the heavenly bodies, the Atlanta Astronomy Club provides a collaborative atmosphere of fellow astronomy-enthusiasts, both professional and amateur, to get together to educate and entertain.

Established initially in 1947 by Dr. William Calder, the Atlanta Astronomy Club (AAC) officially became an incorporated nonprofit organization in 1963 and has been running strong ever since. Calder, who came to Agnes Scott in Decatur from the Harvard College Observatory aimed to promote collaboration between professional and amateur astronomers and encouraged them to share in their interests.

Membership to the AAC is open to anyone with an interest, with the yearly individual membership fee of only $30 (for students, it’s only $15). Along with membership comes access to the club’s monthly meetings, invitations to various club-sponsored events and parties, and discounted rates on certain magazines, such as Sky & Telescope Magazine and Astronomy Magazine.

The monthly meetings for the AAC always take place on the Friday nearest the full moon, and members discuss future projects and listen to visiting speakers, which are professional and amateur astronomers from all over the country.

For more information on events and membership, visit the Atlanta Astronomy Club online.