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Georgia winners of PCH Redemption Center prizes

PCH Prize Patrol team members want to know if you want their "Set for life prize"?
PCH Prize Patrol team members want to know if you want their "Set for life prize"?
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Georgia can boast having two winners from the recent PCH (Publishers Clearing House) Redemption Center prize drawings, according to a March 7 post on the PCH Blog by Amanda C, one of the company's creative department employees.

Amanda says that Brenda C. of Calhoun and William M. of Reidsville, Ga. both won prizes in February thanks to their participation in online company activities that earned them prize tokens. The tokens earned were then spent towards certain prize opportunities available on the PCH Redemption Center page of the company's online site.

The exact prizes won by Brenda and William is unknown, but some of the prizes that can be won each month include gift certificates to restaurants like McDonalds or Domino's Pizza. Other gift options include cash, watches, cooking utensils, electronic items like a Dell computer and even a treadmill. But typically you receive cash in lieu of the larger prizes.

Each month Publishers Clearing House lists the winners for the preceding month's redemption center drawings. They do this on the PCH Blog site normally, although the January winner's list could not be found there in February by this Examiner. So it is not known who won the prizes from the redemption center page that month. For a list of the December Redemption Center winners and other Georgia PCH winners click here.

Publishers Clearing House announced on Feb. 28 that no one would win their a million dollars a year forever prize, as their early-look drawing winning entry was never returned in time. But they did award a second-chance prize in its place for $1 million dollars. And that winner was from Oklahoma.