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Georgia SWAT team threaten after flash grenade injury baby

Wanis Thonetheva
Wanis Thonetheva
CBS-46 WGCL Atlanta

After a flash grenade landed in a one year-old’s playpen during a meth lab raid, SWAT team members have been called everything including baby killer. Members of the Northeastern SWAT have received death threats since the incident happen.

According to CBS-46 WGCL-TV, an informant bought methamphetamine from Wanis Thonetheva hours earlier. The informant told police two men were guarding the front door. Police had no idea that several kids was inside the home. With the information from the informant and successful purchase of meth, SWAT decided to raid the home.

In the past, reports of military assault weapons and Wanis Thonetheva criminal record reflect everything from possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and several charges of carrying a concealed weapon.

Habersham County Sheriff department assisted with the execution of the search warrant. Suspects inside the home used a crib to barricade the door. According to authorities the child’s crib blocked the door and there was little to no light to see inside the home, making it impossible to see the child inside the room.

SWAT team threw the flash grenade inside to light their path as they entered the home. Unfortunately, the grenade landed inside a playpen where a one year-old slept. According to CNN the medic on the scene rushed the child out of the home performing CPR and administered first aid. The child was then driven to Atlanta’s Grady hospital after weather conditions were not conducive to air transport. Now, the one year-old is in a medically induced coma after suffering from burns.

According to CNN at the time of the raid Wanis Thonetheva was not home. The mother and father of the child moved in after their Wisconsin home burned down. While the family members were aware of the drug activities they keep their children away from all drug activity.

No officer has been suspended behind the incident but it is currently being reviewed.

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