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Georgia SPCA: Sandra's Journey...

Who you calling a Fat Cat???
Who you calling a Fat Cat???
Georgia SPCA

Now four pounds may not seem like a lot to you, but when you’re a cat and four pounds is one-fourth of your total body weight—that is a lot! Sandra, like so many of us, is facing the New Year with the need to lose some weight—four pounds to be exact. After all, how many times can a cat hear the words, “Is she pregnant” before it starts to get personal? What are people thinking? That the Georgia SPCA is trying to adopt out a pregnant cat? No way! It has been too long to continue to call it baby fat. Her six kittens were adopted out months ago. So it’s time to get real. Sandra has an eating disorder. She is a compulsive/competitive eater. She also has the “Done-lap Disease”. Her belly has “done-lapped” over her waist line. It is time to prepare for the empty food bowl. That’s right, a medically supervised, restrictive meal plan which means hours of looking into a—gulp—empty food bowl.

What does Sandra have to say about this diet plan?

“Help, they’re trying to starve me! One-half can in the AM, one-half can in the PM and one-forth cup of dry food (for the day!) is NOT adequate nourishment for an adult cat of my, uh, girth. But that was the sentencing handed down from the vet and the humans in control of my food supply are determined to comply.

What is a girl to do? And what about this thing they call exercising? At least the humans agree that crunches are too extreme, but they are sneaky enough to roll balls across the floor every day knowing no cat can resist a moving ping pong ball. Technically, that is forced running. What cat can resist a ball rolling out of sight into another room? There has to be running. ALL moving objects must be stopped. That is the cat’s job! And then they trick me into believing they’ve let a bunch of birds on a stick loose in my room. Everyone knows no cat worthy to be called “C-A-T” is going to lay still and let some feather-covered prey fly around them without jumping up to capture and kill the thing. Now there’s jumping. That’s more exercise! But, I figure if the humans are going to put me on an exercise program, then I need to make sure they get in their daily exercise too. First of all, they have to walk up and down 20 steps every time they come to see me, so I let them know I need a lot of attention, which means they have to climb those steps several times a day. Good!

And then there is the way I let them play fetch with me—now I can’t control my overwhelming desire to chase the balls they throw, but I certainly don’t have to bring them back, so I get to watch them “run” to retrieve each ball while I take a rest. Good! And for fun, I like to jump out in front of their feet- causing them to leap in the air- which has to be good exercise for them too. That works! If I have to be on an exercise program, then the WHOLE family needs to be on an exercise program. Now if I could only control their food intake….”

To follow Sandra's journey, visit this LINK. To learn more about Sandra and her friends, click right HERE.


The Georgia SPCA is a non-profit dog and cat rescue in Suwanee, GA. Stop by any day of the week to donate, volunteer or adopt.

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