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Georgia SPCA: June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

Looking for a new (or additional) BFF?  Visit the Georgia SPCA to expand your circle of friends.
Looking for a new (or additional) BFF? Visit the Georgia SPCA to expand your circle of friends.
Georgia SPCA

June is National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and at the Georgia SPCA we have some wonderful ones for you to consider, ranging from kittens (24 at last count) to “mature” cats, some of whom have not seen a lot of love in their life and would really appreciate being adopted by someone who can give them some affection and a warm lap to curl up in or a sunny window where they can bask in the sun.

Look into my eyes.  Visit the Georgia SPCA today.
Georgia SPCA

So, if you want to adopt a shelter cat, what should you do? First, look at the photos and descriptions of all the currently available kittens and cats at the Georgia SPCA. Then, fill out the Cat Adoption Application. Among other things, it asks whether you already have cats and/or dogs in your home? If so, how many? Do you have kids? How old? Are you at home most of the time, or are you gone a lot? Are you looking for a mellow, older cat or a playful, young kitten? The answers to these questions will help you and the Shelter staff determine what kind of cat would be the best choice for your household, so bring the application with you to the Shelter, located at 1175 Buford Hwy, Suite 109, Suwanee, GA., where you can actually meet our cats and see what kind of personality they have.

Some of our cats are eligible for our Paws for Consideration Program. (These are indicated by a pawprint on their picture.) If you are interested in one of these cats, you can take them home for a few days to see how they fit into your household.

Adoption fees for kittens six months and younger is $125.00, and $100.00 for cats older than six months. This fee covers the cost of spaying/neutering, all age appropriate vaccinations up to the adoption date, disease testing for FeLV and FIV, deworming, flea/tick prevention, microchipping and 30 days of pet insurance. Some of our longer-term residents are “Shining Star” cats, with a reduced adoption fee of only $50.00!

Please consider adopting a cat, particularly during June. We'd love to find homes for all of our cats, and they can provide you with such a lot of enjoyment and love. And when you adopt from a Shelter, you are saving a life. We are a no-kill shelter, so the cats we rescue will stay with us until they find a home, but each cat that is adopted means we have space to save another one! We look forward to seeing you at the Shelter and helping you find the perfect cat.

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