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Georgia SPCA: Dog Training and Behavior -- Part 6

Come see me at the Georgia SPCA.
Come see me at the Georgia SPCA.
Georgia SPCA

Information provided in these articles is intended to provide some guidance for you and your pet. Not all animals behave (or respond) in the same manner. Should you have questions or concerns about anything you see here, please consult your veterinarian. While we work with vets on a regular basis, we are not veterinarians. We feel the articles here provide useful but general guidelines and suggestions for working with your pet. Please note, some articles may be disturbing to young children. Please preview articles to make sure they are appropriate for your child.

Hi, I'm Miss Paula.
Georgia SPCA

Puppy Development

Here is a quick summary of the stages of puppy development, starting at birth:

Kong Stuffing Pointers

Dogs are animals that are genetically programmed to hunt for their food. Part of the reason there is such a prevalence of behavior problems in pet dogs is that they have so little mental challenge or work to do: their food is given to them for free. Zoos have had some success in decreasing behavior problems and improving the quality of life of many of their predator and primate species by giving them

Escape Artists

Do you have a dog you can't seem to keep at home, who scales your fence or takes every opportunity to run off? If you have a canine escape artist, you have a problem you need to fix: there are risks to your dog, to other people, and to your pocketbook to consider. A dog running loose is likely to be injured or picked up by animal control, and you, as the owner, are liable for any damage your dog might do, to property or to people or other animals.

Recall Exercises

Coming when called is one of the most important commands your dog must learn from both a usefulness and safety standpoint. Dogs will not automatically come when called (!) so training is necessary. The following are exercises to strengthen your dog’s recall.