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Georgia SPCA: Dog Behavior and Training -- Part 5

Hi, I'm Hillary.
Hi, I'm Hillary.
Georgia SPCA

Information provided in these articles is intended to provide some guidance for you and your pet. Not all animals behave (or respond) in the same manner. Should you have questions or concerns about anything you see here, please consult your veterinarian. While we work with vets on a regular basis, we are not veterinarians. We feel the articles here provide useful but general guidelines and suggestions for working with your pet. Please note, some articles may be disturbing to young children. Please preview articles to make sure they are appropriate for your child.

Begging for Food

If your dog's impression of Oliver Twist is spoiling your supper, it's time to teach him some table manners.

The behavior: Pestering people while they're eating. Typical postures include staring, drooling, pawing, whining, and barking.

Stress and the Importance of Routine for Dogs

Sensitive by nature, pets, particularly dogs, can absorb the stress and tension around them. Stress in dogs is mainly the product of a change in the environment. Since your dog lives with you, and since your life will certainly not be free of change, she undoubtedly will experience stress sometime in her life.

Socializing Your Puppy

Puppies and dogs need to be socialized to the big wide world so that they won’t be afraid of new situations, objects, sounds, people and other animals. Dogs should be socialized when they are puppies – it’s critical to their lifelong emotional wellbeing and their ability to be comfortable in the world.

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