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Georgia senior center not allowed to pray

In Port Wentsworth, GA a lot of seniors are rolling over in their graves. As a matter of fact there seems to be a lot of rolling over going on.  At  least in the minds of seniors that attend Ed Young Senior Citizens Center. They are blaming this city for taking away their god given right to pray. Instead of praying now they have to observe a moment of silence.

And its really not the city's fault. But when cities deal with contracted companies, its the city that still gets the blame. They have contracted with a company that gets federal funding to provide meals to the senior center. The company, Senior Citizens, Inc. say they are just following federal guidelines. The mayor of Port Wentsworth says that's not enough:

"It was one of the hardest things I ever did as mayor is to look those people in the eyes and ask them to be patient with me and honor their God in a moment of silence until I can have a resolution to this," Mayor Glenn Jones said. "For me to look at their eyes and tell them they can't thank God for their food, it's unheard of - I can't take it."

"Like one lady said, 'You can stop me from speaking, but you can't stop me from praying what's in my heart,"' he said. "But the best answer right now is that we're trying to get the best information possible and legal council is looking at what would happen if we continued to pray."

The city is looking into canceling the contract with the food service company. 


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