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Georgia Senate considers making English official language

The Georgia state Senate panel approved Resolution 1031 on Monday, a proposal declaring English the official language of the state of Georgia.

Percentage of people 5 years and older who spoke a language other than English at home in 2011.
US Census Bureau

The S.R. 1031 would amend the state's Constitution; it needs two-thirds of votes in the Senate and the House before it can be placed on the 2014 ballet for Georgians' approval.

The measure means that driver's license exams would be only given in English. Currently, the test in Georgia can be given in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Some human-rights groups oppose such laws because they can make life difficult for non-English speakers. For example, in one Florida county after similar law was enacted in 1980, Spanish informational signs on public transportation were removed.

The United States has no official language. Lawmakers in U.S. Congress have introduces legislation to adopt English as the official language almost every year for decades now, to no avail.

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