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Georgia's grassfed cows for healthier milk and meat


If milk and/or meat are a must for you, Georgia's grass fed, free roaming cows are a great
milk and meat source.

Cattle which are grass fed and free roaming are not given antibiotics,
feed concentrates or animal by-products, and arehealthier for humans. Animal by-products
are a known source of e-coli. A healthy, alkaline rumen (part of the cows digestive system)
minimizes the occurrences of e-coli.

Cows have a four stomach digestive system which allows them to eat a large amount of
roughage. The four components of the digestive system are the rumen, reticulum, omasum and
abomasum. Approximately 80% of total digestion occurs in the rumen. Microorganisms break
down hay, grass, water (grain if used) and saliva. The converted carbohydrates become
volatile fatty acids which are absorbed and used as a source of energy for the cow.

The reticulum contracts, mixing the feed in the rumen until it is ready to pass into the
lower digestive tract. The osasum contracts removing approximately 60% -70% of the water
contained in the partially digested feed. The abomasum, which is called the cow's True
Stomach by some, secrets highly acidic gastric juices which kill bacteria, protozoa and other

Grass feeding cows support sustainability and the beef product is high in Vitamin E, omega 3
fatty acids, arotene and conjugated linoleic acid.

Georgia grass fed cattle and dairy cow farms: Carlton Farms, 1276 Cartersville Hwy, Rockmart,
GA 770-655-7503,; My Dad and Me Family Farm, 3698 Velma Drive,
Powder Springs, GA 30127, 678-567-1826,; Riverview Farms, Ranger,
GA, 706-334-2926,; The Good Shepherd Family Farm, 1995 East Lake Rd.,
McDonough, GA 30252, 770-274-9093.


  • Charlene Collins - Atlanta Family Health Examiner 5 years ago

    Great article. I have seen some of those brands in some of the supermarkets here. I don't know if I had subscribed to you already.. but I just did now. Hope we can lend page view support to each other.

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