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Georgia's governor apologizes for chaos on roadways

Atlanta traffic tie up from snow fall
Atlanta traffic tie up from snow fall
Aljazeera America

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal offered an apology today to the motorist and citizens inconvenienced by the state's lack of preparedness during the recent snow fall in the Georgia area. The two inches of snow coupled with sub-freezing temperatures on Tuesday caught the state by surprise and the blame game continued until today.

Governor Deal stated at today's news conference:

"I accept responsibility for the fact that we did not make preparation early enough to avoid these consequence."

Sgt. Dan Stephens of the Georgia State Patrol told CNN that motorist who abandoned their vehicles can begin to move those vehicles from the roadways beginning at 9 p.m. on today. The temperatures in the Georgia area rose above freezing on today which should make the recovery effort go more easily.

Despite the fact that the City of Atlanta is not responsible for maintaining the numerous Interstates which pass through the city, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was criticized for his lack of preparedness as well.

Reed said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe"

“Almost every photo that you’ve showed on this program and others are of the highways around the region, and folks on this show know that the highways are not the responsibility of the city,” Reed said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “So we got the city moving much faster, if you had footage of the actual city of Atlanta, you would see people are moving around in a convenient fashion right now and our roads are passable.”

During the interview of Reed the host and other panelist became confrontational and asked him if he was not the blame then who is the blame.

Reed responded by saying:

“The photos you’re showing right now are not of the city of Atlanta, they’re of the highways, and you all should point that out."

Georgia as many states ran by Republican governors have been on an austerity driven agenda. Everything deemed unessential have seen drastic cuts or removed from the budget altogether. Snow plows and deicer are no exception.

As the blame game continues in the state, citizens of Georgia can't escape their responsibility in this chaotic episode either. As they sat in their cars for hours and wondered if their kids got home from school okay, they could reminiscence over that fact that they chose a governor who campaigned on cutting the state's expenses. With Governor Deal being up for re-election in November, one can only wonder how the "Snow Storm of 2014" will weigh into their selection at the ballot box.

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