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Georgia rescue group raising funds for abandoned dog found at old job site

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For over a year, this pit bull mixed breed dog has been living and sleeping amid the debris of an old job site near Lake Holmstead in Augusta; except to the world she has been invisible.

And then a dog lover; the kind of person who can't turn her back on an animal truly in need uses social media to seek some help for the one-year-old dog neighbors have called Snow. One call for help turns into a host of volunteers, two dog rescue organizations, and in less than one day a helpless dog no one wanted finds a miracle:

"Ok everyone, we tried to get her, but being inexperienced, we were having issues. So, a wonderful lady called and her and her husband are coming to help. Then another angel called and I'm taking this sweet baby to a vet in Norcross! I will post a link to a paypal account for the rescue group for this baby. Everyone, it warms my heart at the offerings and compassion. We sometimes get bogged down in life, then things like this make you realize true humanity!"

Light of My Life Pitbull Rescue partnered with Paws and Stars Animal Rescue have volunteered to help, and on Saturday morning the once invisible pit bull, now has a name of Holly (after her rescuer) and is resting comfortably at a veterinarian's office in Norcross.

The extent of Holly's injuries are not known yet, but a foster home will be needed to care for this dog.

Follow Holly's veterinarian appointment and her subsequent story on Facebook. If you would like to donate to her care, please follow the links on the Light of My Life Pitbull Rescue page by clicking here.

We hope you heal Holly and find a wonderful home.

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