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Georgia ranked worst state for working moms, are you headed to the top

Georgia ranked worst state for working moms, are you headed to the top
Georgia ranked worst state for working moms, are you headed to the top

If you are a working mom in Georgia this is old news to you. Georgia ranks poorly overall. It’s the third-worst when it comes to filling executive positions with women, decreasing professional opportunities.

Gender pay gap is 76-percent

Working moms struggle to provide for their families and the old gender-bias is still in the nineteenth century in Georgia. Do women need to control their professional identity to stay employable?

The grass is always greener on the other side because it is fertilized with bullshit

Get better at choosing a boss

It’s not the workload that causes stress on the job, but the boss. The workload is do-able when your goals are easily defined and not out of range. The boss, he should be someone who helps people on their way to the top, not just a couple but all he or she can. The boss’s success stories will be willing to talk about how they were helped with gleam.

The person in charge is contributing something valuable to the people around them, and not just worried about their own paycheck or someone taking their job. Many in charge have no following what so ever. Lackies and yes-men don’t count.

Mentoring you and caring about you

What makes life at work consistent and leaves you feeling you have a sense of control? Goals that challenge but are within reach.

Strong support at home, strong working moms will have a stay-at-home husband, or nanny at home who frees them from their traditional role, emotionally supports them and the family, and is able to sacrifice the short term to see that it will count in the long term.

How much money will make you happy

Daniel Gilbert, a psychology professor at Harvard University says once people have enough for the basic needs, food, shelter and clothing, the increases in salary don’t necessarily count for much. Honestly if you want to draw the line, having a enough so you don’t have to move back in with the parents, friends or relatives, is having enough money. Moving from poverty to middle class brings pleasure.

Trading from one entry level job to another, while you have nothing to lose and loads of experience to gain can only help you to decide which career is right for you in the long run. Job happiness is a good thing but your sociability away from work is what matters the most. Money doesn’t have a thing to do with how many times you are having sex per week.

Clarify your values and emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is important in life and especially at work; you need to be able to have negative emotions without spilling them out all over onto everyone, and without dreading them. This puts you in the position for clarity, and to be able to make decisions based on your values, instead of just whatever it is that is irritating you at the time.

When you have values it’s so much easier to make a good decision. It’s authentic, and open. It’s easy and it’s obvious, there are no blurred lines.

It’s not a long way to the top for women; the movement is more from side to side

Those who get stuck in the bottom of their careers, stayed in one primary function instead of learning the operations and a wide variety of operational experience, they don’t spread out and learn. The men and women at the top have a variety of experiences, including P & L.

A degree will get you more money, but a major degree will make you invaluable

You will have a difficult time moving up without one within a company. Your success is up to you. College is another step on the professional ladder you just can’t skip, unless you are able to take years (twenty or more) of staying at one company. Working moms don’t have that kind of time. A college degree affords you to be able to choose and pick your career instead of just settling for what is available.

It can make a difference between the mediocre or supreme success

To manage your time effectively you must control it, otherwise those old lazy habits creep right back in. A plan, a goal, a schedule, your dream for success. Organize it, write it down, make a vision board, put it on the fridge, your steering wheel, the bathroom mirror. Revise it up date it, make notes. Program yourself for success.

Give yourself a chance to succeed. If life gets too crunchy and hectic, drop a course, don’t fall back on excuses, procrastination, or distracted by going out, these are self-defeating behaviors. At times it can be lonely, but again look at your long term goal, the short term sacrifice, and it is a short time is worth it.

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