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Georgia Power rate hikes coincide with ‘war on coal’

Obama bowls over the coal industry with his war on coal.
Obama bowls over the coal industry with his war on coal.
Jason Clay Pope

Officials at Georgia Power announced on Friday, June 28 that the company wants to hike power rates for its costumers state-wide. The Augusta Chronicle reports that rate hikes would mean an additional $482 million dollars in revenue for the company or about $7.82 per costumer each month. Coincidentally, President Obama made an ominous prediction in 2009 in that energy prices related to coal would “necessarily skyrocket”. That prediction has come to fruition.

However, shortly after Georgia Power announced its planned rate hike, Executive Director for “Georgia Watch” Elana Parent echoed a common theme heard in anti-corporate circles.

Georgia Watch is very concerned that Georgia Power is earning higher and higher profits for their shareholders on the backs of hard-working, Georgia utility-bill payers. However, Ms. Parent’s premise is wrong.

What Ms. Parent and others fail to realize is that Obama’s war on coal and fossil fuels is alive and well. Several energy companies such as Duke Energy, Puget Sound Energy, MidAmerican Energy Company, and Western Massachusetts Electric are implementing rate hikes on their customers. These companies note that burning coal and fossil fuels provide the majority of power they generate.

In each case, compliance to stricter environmental controls, reporting, and general overregulation is noted as being the primary culprit in rate hikes.

So as Georgians prepare to square-off with Georgia Power’s proposed rate hikes it’s important to note. The onus lays squarely upon a president and administration that have little affection for energy companies who do not swallow fully the hook of green-energy initiatives; all of which are paid by you, the taxpayer.

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