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Georgia Power increases Solar Power Energy for Green Energy Program

February 18, 2010 - Georgia Power Co.'s Green Energy Program got an overhaul Thursday increasing the amount of solar energy the company is permitted to purchase.

Public Service Commission Amends Green Energy Program
The State Public Service Commission amended the company's program to increase the amount of renewable energy the utility company produces from solar resources from 10 percent to 50 percent.  The remaining 50 percent will continue to come from biomass. 

Georgia Power's green energy program has been criticized for being overly reliant on landfill gas, since it's inception back in 2006.  “The Commission hopes to encourage more participation in the Green Energy Program and further advance the development of solar photovoltaic projects in Georgia by increasing the percentage of solar energy contained in the Premium Green Energy product,” said Commissioner McDonald.

Georgia Power to Increase Participants Rates
Georgia Power’s Green Energy Program is a voluntary program through which customers may purchase renewable energy from Georgia Power at a premium price in addition to the customer’s standard electric rates.  Georgia Power customers who take part in the program will experience a slight increase in their monthly rates due to the additional cost for green power.  Rates for 100-killowatt blocks will be approximately $5.00, an increase of $0.50.

In the amendment, the State Public Service Commission also increased the amount of solar energy the utility company may purchase from suppliers and has put into place additional guidelines to allow for growth.  As the demand for green energy increase Georgia Power has the green light to purchase more solar energy to meet those demands.  But solar projects that contribute to the program must be located within the state lines.

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