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Georgia native charged with running illegal pet adoption operation

One of Carswell's "rescue" dogs
One of Carswell's "rescue" dogs

While animal rescue is crucial in today’s society, it must also be stressed that you have to do your research when choosing a rescue from which to adopt.

Donna Lee Carswell from Grovetown, Georgia was arrested yesterday after authorities received reports of animal abuse at her supposed rescue, Nick of Time, located in Connecticut. Carswell was running an illegal pet adoption operation.

Upon seeing the dismal conditions of the animals – cats and dogs being transported in cages caked with urine and feces – the Connecticut Department of Agriculture seized the animals from her.

WFSB (Connecticut) reports that the Georgia native was charged with 12 counts of cruelty to animals and failing to have official interstate animal health certificates as well as one count of failure to register as an animal importer, failure to notify the Department of Agriculture of an animal adoption event, operating a pet shop without a license, and failure to have animals examined by a veterinarian prior to adoption.

There is a very important lesson to be learned from this. There will always be wolves in sheep’s clothing. Those wanting to do the noble thing by adopting a rescue animal will be preyed upon by the same kind of people who run puppy mills – the ones who care nothing for the animals’ welfare, just their own gain.

Do not let this dissuade you from adopting from a rescue; rather, let it propel you to dig in deeper and research more about your local rescues. It is an excellent learning opportunity to discover how proper rescues operate, and all that the volunteers must do to have a successful organization.

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