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Georgia man says dog drove him to the store to buy some corn

The dog's owner claimed his dog drove him to the store. (not actual dog)
The dog's owner claimed his dog drove him to the store. (not actual dog)

Wesley Mark Terrell of Creekshore Drive in Oconee County told an Oconee County Sheriff's deputy his dog drove him to the store to buy corn reported FoxCarolina.

Assistant store manager, Tara Stewart-Clark called authorities when she saw the dog in the car.

When Sgt. Partain responded to a call of a dog locked in a hot car at Bell's Food Store in Butler's Crossing, the outside temperature was 99 degrees. A handheld thermometer registered the interior temperature of the car as 123 degrees. A gasoline can inside of the car made it "stifling" the officer reported.

Clark had removed the yellow Labrador retriever from the car and authorities gave him water. The dog is expected to be fine and was taken to Animal Control.

On the organization's Facebook page, Clark stated:

"Thank you Deputies for the great response to my call, especially Sgt. Partain, I have fur children and I do not regret taking this dog out of that dang vehicle, I would do it again. Thank you Sheriff for all your department's care and concern for us as residents and the animals that depend on us.....Thank You All !!!!"

The report indicates Terrell, 60, was highly intoxicated, however according to:

"Oconee County Georgia Sheriff's Office Melissa D Nalley, The dog invoked his rights and refused to answer any questions."

Terrell was charged with animal cruelty and a DUI.

The same afternoon, the Oconee County Sheriff's Office responded to another call at the Walmart shopping center where two dogs had been left in a parked vehicle. The dogs were safely removed and the owner charged with animal cruelty.

"I'm sure you can't make this stuff up, but the seriousness of leaving pets and children in hot cars has a devastating consequence. This dog's owner was obviously very drunk, but meanwhile his dog could have died," stated Barb Corcoran of Palm Beach, Fla. "Thank goodness someone was watching with temperatures like that inside and out."

As temperatures continue to soar this summer, dog owners are asked to leave their pets at home.

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