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Georgia man arrested for allowing baby to crawl on road: Suspect out of jail

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Madison County law enforcement officers responded to a call about a baby that was crawling on a busy roadway, who was fortunately picked up by a passing motorist. According to the June 17 CBS News report, the child had tumbled down a 15-foot embankment area at one point during her one-hour ordeal, evidenced by the scratches and insect bites the child sustained as a result.

The one year old's father, Timothy Robert Pickens (not pictured), was allegedly responsible for the child at the time of the incident, confronting deputies at one point in their arrival on the scene, resulting in an obstruction of an officer charge in addition to others he faced at his time of arrest.

The Madison County jail division of the sheriff's office shows in their online inmate arrest history that Pickens was arrested and taken into custody on June 13, following the Friday morning incident, but that he has since been released as of June 17, which is five days after the child was found. A bond of $7,800 had been set in the unusual case.

Pickens faces three charges in the matter: reckless conduct, obstruction of a law enforcement officer, both misdemeanors, and cruelty to children, a felony offense. CBS originally reported that the child in question was returned to the mother so she could get it treatment, but sources reported she might face charges as well in regards to the case. As of June 17, however, there is no record of an arrest of the mother in the Madison County inmate records.