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Georgia man accused of beating puppy to death with dog toy

Accused puppy killer
Accused puppy killer
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Late last week, a Savannah, Georgia, man was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty for allegedly bludgeoning his girlfriend's puppy to death with a dog toy, reported Tuesday's publication of the Huffington Post.

The charge stemmed from 20-year-old Briceson Moore's visit to the Forsyth Park Animal Hospital on July 14; Moore brought in a deceased nine-month-old wire haired fox terrier puppy. According to the veterinary staff, Moore's behavior during the visit was disturbing.

Police described what the veterinary employees told about Briceson's behavior - a detective stated:

“Once the dog started to set in with rigor mortis the vet wrote that Briceson started grabbing his legs and making him like he was running while he was dead on a table,”

A necropsy on the pup, who belonged to Briceson's girlfriend, revealed that the dog had died from blunt force trauma. Briceson later confessed to the crime and told the authorities that he didn't "know what hit" him when he decided to beat the young dog to death.

Briceson allegedly told investigators that he used a dog toy to beat the dog - three times on each time, and then a "hard blow" to the pup's head.

Briceson was booked into jail on a $10,000 bond; he is due back in court in early September.

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