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Georgia license plates: Confederate flag appearance causes controversy

Is this appropriate to you?
Is this appropriate to you?
GA Motor Vehicle Division

A lot of heat is stirring around Georgia as a string of license plates are now being approved with a Confederate flag right on it. CS Monitor reported on Feb. 19, 2014, that Georgia officials are actually releasing a new specialty license plate that has the Confederate flag on it, and civil rights activists are not happy about it at all.

The new Georgia license plates will cost $80 and were requested by the Georgia division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

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An older plate for the group had a very small Confederate flag visible on it. This new version of the Georgia license plate has a much larger version of the Confederate flag obviously visible in the background, and to the left of the numbers.

Needless to say, but a lot of people are not happy.

“To display this is reprehensible,” declared Maynard Eaton, the spokesman for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

“We don’t have license plates saying ‘Black Power.’”

Ray McBerry, spokesman for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, says there was no intention to offend anyone at all. He said it was simply meant to pay tribute to their Southern past and the fact that they are proud of it.

"We believe that everyone has the right to preserve their heritage," he said. "Southerners have as much right to be proud of their heritage as anybody else."

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal said the new license plate were a total surprise to him and that he had "no information in advance about it."

Georgia license plates have their designs approved by the Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle Division.

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