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Georgia Lakes fishing report, and jumping bass

Georgia Lakes fishing report, and jumping bass
Georgia Lakes fishing report, and jumping bass
Louie B

What does May rain bring? The cool mornings are most productive, throw ‘em if you got ‘em. As the day heats up in the afternoon, you can slow down a little bit. Striper fishing is good in the locations that have them. Drop bait and hang ten. Crappie fishing is happening at a fair to good pace. Night fishing is nippy, tackle more, and hopping.

How do you deal with jumping bass throwing the lure out

The rigors of spawn. The fish are biting aggressively, jumping aggressively and in protection mode as far as the nest is concerned. Adding a split ring between the trebles and keep the tip of your rod low to the water. The devil is in the details. It’s about all you can do.

A treble hook has a certain amount of flex

Changing the hooks on your bait can be a wise decision. The hooks that come with baits may handle a three-pound fish, but even at that size a bass can practically destroy the hook. Jerkbaits and crankbaits will most often hook around the mouth, you want a sharp hook that doesn’t ‘flex’ and does penetrate, so the fish can’t break free when jumping or make a run for it.

“Bigger, slick, black-nickel finish hooks with a sharp point penetrate better than a smaller hook, most people don’t think so,” says Kevin Van Dam

Most folks think a lighter line and a smaller hook will penetrate more easily. Increasing hook size and strength will not affect the performance. “There’s such a thing as overpowering the hook, you just have to experiment. Try to get away with as big a treble hook you can, with big gaps.”

Work with the action, practice with it.

The KVD Elite Treble has a shorter shank, a shorter shank allows you to work with a bigger hook, and increases your hook on ratio.

Most manufacturers have become better about the type of hooks they add to a lure. You might think you can re-sharpen a hook but you’ll never get it as sharp as the manufacturer can build it.


Lake Level: full pool 840.00 current level 8.40.44. Clarity: stained. Temperature: 72 degrees.

Use bigger hooks to catch the big stripers.


Lake level: .09 below full pool which is 237.00

Blue Ridge

Lake level: 6.34 above full pool which is 1681.00


Lake level: 1864.00


Lake level: 2.70 above full pool 1074

Chattahoochee Whitewater

Level: current level 6.6, 13.34 below full pool 20.00


Lake level: .60 above full pool 1925

Clarks Hill

Lake level: Full pool. Clarity: stained. Temperature: 70’s.


Lake level: 1.67 above full pool 188. Temperature 74 degrees.

Zoom Super Flukes are bringing the bass in.


Lake Level: 1.00 below full pool of 521


Lake level: up.64 above full pool 660. Clarity” the main lake ic clear and the backwash is slightly stained. Temperature: upper 70’s, main lake at 76 degrees and the back areas at 78.


Lake level: .70 above full pool 528. Clarity” Stained. Temperature: 70’s.

Yeah, let’s go to Jackson. It’s beautiful and magical and the fish are playing for keeps but with the right spring baits practically hop right in the boat for you.


Lake level: .25 below full pool 1775. Clarity: main lake is clear and the creeks are stained. Temperature 74 degrees.

Spawn is on. Fishing is good.


Lake level: .40 above full pool 1775


Lake level: 2.80 below full pool 435. Temperature74 to 80 degrees.

Spinnerbaits, Crankbaits and Rat L Traps.


Lake level: 1687


Lake level: 6.57 below full pool 482 Clarity: clear. Temperature: 76

Fishing is good. Pop R, Carolina Rigged Tubes, Zoom Super Fluke, and Skitter Walk.


Lake level: 1751.21


Lake level: down .25 below full pool 77.50. Clarity: stained. Temperature: 70’s.


Lake level: 1.00 below full pool 340. Clarity: starting to clear up. Temperature: upper 70’s.

Strom Thurmond

.76 below full pool 330


Lake level: 88.29


Lake level: down .20 below full pool 564. Clarity: clearish to stained. Temperature: 77 degrees.

Buzzbaits and worms.

West Point

Lake level: .45 above full pool 635

Zoom Flukes in pumpkinseed.


Lake level: 734.16

Thanks to the fishing report from, Louie B. fishing guide and owner of Carters Lake Guide Service, phone: 706-218-6609.

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