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Georgia House Rabbit Society Bunnyfest 2014

Bunnyfest 2014
Bunnyfest 2014
Courtesy of the GHRS

BUNNYFEST is on its way. It is time for the 10th annual celebration of all things rabbit, Sunday, June 8th, 2:30pm – 5:00 pm.

Bunnyfest will be held at Unity North Church, 4255 Sandy Plains Rd in Marietta, Georgia. Bring the whole family, including your bunny. There will be things at Bunnyfest for all to enjoy. The cost is $5 per person / $15 per family.

More excitement for BunnyFest, the Ken Barr Band & Deke Dean are sure to entertain. Click here to see the Ken Barr Band’s Facebook page.

The Hop Shop will be there with the best hay, food, and treats for your rabbit, and those special handcrafted toys and castles by Connie Cowan.

Our popular Bunny Spa is back. Prices are as follows: Nail Trims $10, Brushing: $5, Scent gland cleaning $5.

Treat your bunny to a Relaxing Massage. It’s amazing to see how Bonnie’s gifted hands can relax a rabbit into a contented smusch, with a half grin on their whiskered faces!

Dr. Colby will be doing Bunny Health Exams for $25 that include weight check, eye and ear exams, palpation, visual tooth checks, and a brief consultation.

New this year, Heather, the vet tech with Dr. Colby, is offering 20 minute sessions of cold laser therapy. This therapy is well documented to bring relief from pain and stiffness due to arthritis or injury, in animals and humans. Especially helpful to elder bunnies who are not as spry as they would like to be again. The cost is $30 for a 20 minute session. Appointments must be booked in advance. Please email You can read more about cold laser therapy by clicking HERE.

Health Talks you will not want to miss! Check below for the days schedule

From 3:00 – 3:30 Paul Ferguson, HRS Educator, will be doing a demo on how to take your bunnies temperature – a vital and life saving first step when you notice your bunny is not quite himself. He will also be sharing health tips and tricks, and teaching about the Tao of Poo.

From 4:00 – 4:30 Marlene Larkin, HRS Educator, will present “The Rabbit Wellness Model”. Learn about the new balanced model, designed to help the overall wellness and health of your bun. Includes information on dimensions such as emotional, intellectual, social, physical and environmental wellness for a bunny. Take an assessment to see how “well” your rabbit is and what things you can do enrich and support their integrated health and well being.

Both Marlene and Paul teach our Bunny 201 class. This class expands your knowledge to prepare you for some medical issues that may arise. We have had people report back to us that this class saved the life of their rabbit because they were informed and prepared.

For the Bunny 201 class schedule on our web site, click here!

Pens with food, water, greens and hay will be provided for your rabbit’s comfort.

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