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Georgia High Schools Violating Students 4th & 5th Constitutional Rights

Advocating for Justice for Minors
Advocating for Justice for Minors
SIBN Television and Radio Networks

SIBN Founder, Marcus Salette has discovered a disturbing trend with the Public School System, particularly at the high School level. Did you know that all disciplinary policies and procedures encourage students to comply with school incident investigations without any advocate, guardianship or legal representation ? Did you know that any statements gathered in print with a signature is admissible as incriminating evidence against the student who is a minor with no constitutional protection ? Did you know the most Assistant principals are enforcers of policies that constantly violate students 4th and 5th constitutional rights.

We have begun a petition to call our representatives in three Georgia districts to investigate the Public Policy of Gwinnett County Board of Education's disciplinary procedures at the High School level where on a regular basis violation of student 4th and 5th amendment constitutional rights remains an issue during any disciplinary proceeding that could maturate into a disciplinary hearing. Please visit the link and sign our petition /

We are also producing a series of radio shows on the topic and will file complaints with the Georgia Board of Education, ACLU and the NAACP to inquire of this trend which is very disturbing to say the least. Students who are subject to discipline inquiries, interviews and interrogations ought to have constitutional protection since the statement provided to school administrators can be used as evidence despite the fact that such said statements may not be true and could lead to severe consequences that could derail their right to a education. You can follow SIBN at, or to tune in.

We are advocating for High School student rights in the process of disciplinary processes where administrators who are attempting to enforce the school rules listed in the student handbook simply respect the constitutionality of minors since the consequences of the accused behavior can result in a severe disciplinary action unwarranted to the alleged infraction and may also introduce the student to the Juvenile Justice System without proper merit. Send all inquires to or call 1-888-544-1254 Ext 101 for any leads in tis on going journalistic investigative series of stories.