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Georgia GOP, Dems, both phone-bank the Bay State


Whether rabid Republican or dogged Democrat, if you are active in your party in Georgia, chances are - sometime in the last few days - you were asked to pick up the phone and get out the vote in Massachusetts.

Georgians, red and blue, heeded the call of their respective political alliances and worked phone-banks to get their counterparts in the Bay State to the polls.

A stack of ballots awaits Massachusetts voters in a special election to fill the
U.S. Senate seat left vacant by the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy, Tuesday,
Jan. 19, 2010. (AP Photo/Stew Milne)

The Georgia GOP posted an acknowledgment, late Tuesday morning, on its social media sites "to all the Georgia volunteers who called Massachusetts voters on behalf of Scott Brown."

Democrats have been working the phones on behalf of Martha Coakley "at least since Saturday," according to Eric Gray, the media spokesman for the state party. Gray said that while he did not have any solid numbers, the responses from those on the other end of the line have been mixed. "Some are excited to go out and vote for Coakley," he said, but since the lists they were calling were for all registered voters, "some weren't."

The Democratic action in Georgia echoes today's White House plea to loyal party folks to "remind Massachusetts residents to vote," or as President Obama put it in a party email, "The polls are still open, the choice has not been made, and you still have a crucial role to play."

For more info: Check out more on the Brown-Coakley campaign, and other Senate news, on's Senate Category page.
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