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Georgia delegation finds Obama health care speech 'not specific enough'


Following President Obama's speech on health care reform to Congress Wednesday, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA), released a statement, saying he appreciated that "the president finally provided some specific details of his health care plan." The only problem, he said, was that "for an issue of this magnitude, he was not specific enough."

Chambliss also indicated that he agreed with many of the president's points, including an end to insurance penalties for pre-existing conditions, and the ability of a worker to take his or her insurance with them from job to job.

His statement also seemed to say that he was happy that the president was open to a tort reform piece of the overall bill. "We should be discouraging junk lawsuits and the practice of defensive medicine that drives up medical bills," he said.

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA), was much less generous, calling the president's words "a hodgepodge of misguided ideas," and insisting, "The only real game-changer tonight would have been for the president to say he’s ready to start over and embrace bipartisan solutions."

Chambliss, who is one of eight Republicans on the Senate Special Committee on Aging, also said that he was concerned that long range plans to cut Medicare spending would hurt those who benefit most from the government program. "We shouldn't be raiding seniors' Medicare to pay for billions of dollars in new government spending," he said.

Georgia's Junior Senator, Johnny Isakson (R), said he was also concerned about the future costs, especially of a publicly funded insurance option. "I am not going to be a part of mortgaging my kids' futures," he told the Albany Banner Herald, "by driving Americans to a government-run health care system we can't afford."

Isakson also agreed with Chambliss that the president provided some answers, Wednesday, "but he raised many more."

Chambliss urged caution. "We can't afford to get this wrong," he said in his statement. "We can't afford arbitrary deadlines. We need meaningful reform, not reform for reform's sake."

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  • dmac 5 years ago

    Tom Price, Saxby Chambliss, Johnny Isakson have chosen to be irrelevant.

    They have made the political calculation that the racists, insurance and pharma interests don't care how bi-partisan the President and the Dems want to be. They will seek to derail any proposal.

    In other words, none of these politicians from Georgia are willing to show any real leadership.

  • dmacsucks 5 years ago

    Haha, as if you deserve free healthcare holmes! Ever ask yourself at whose expense - and how much will it cost? You will let the great Obama save you w/o understanding how many layers of beaurocracy he will add to the fed. gov't. I guess everyone is a racist who doesn't want to kiss Obama's butt? Do people who work for insurance companies have rights? Did you know that Obama voted 97% of the time along party lines and McCain voted 76% of the time along party you know anything??? LOL.

  • Reader 5 years ago

    Specifically, the Republicans will do all the payin' and the Democrats will do all the gittin'.