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Georgia Company Expands Customer Service in Healthcare Realm

Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Solutions, an Atlanta-based health services company, is raising the bar on its service level with the recent acquisition of the pharmacy management and health services company, Modern Medical. The acquisition represents the union of two healthcare companies with a strong commitment to reducing medical costs for patients, through a comprehensive array of medical products and services.

About Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare Solutions is the parent company of Cypress Care, ScripNet and Procura Management. The company offers a wide range of medical services, including case and network management, auto injury claims, specialty service management and medical bill review. The company also provides pharmacy benefit management, which is where the mission of the company actually began.

In addition to a variety of management services, Healthcare Solutions also offers a wide range of medical supplies, including diagnostic imaging, prosthetics and orthotics. Language and transportation services are still more of the possibilities provided by this extensive company. The wide range of products and services also means a diverse customer base for a company that strives to provide customized customer care to every client it works with.

Introducing Modern Medical
Modern Medical is considered a leader in the workmen’s compensation industry. This company provides a full range of services for a variety of customers, including insurance companies, third-party administrators and case management companies. The company was established in 1986, as a provider of a medical equipment banking program.

Throughout more than two decades, Modern Medical has been evolving into a full-service medical company, providing everything necessary to manage workmen’s compensation cases. The company is dedicated to ensuring the best prices on services, without sacrificing high quality customer care. Their philosophy is a good match for Healthcare Solutions.

Acquisition Benefits
The acquisition of Modern Medical will allow Healthcare Solutions to provide a broad range of services in workmen’s compensation, in addition to the services and products the company already provides. Healthcare Solutions also believes the addition of Modern Medical will be a good fit, due to their commitment to affordable medical services and high quality customer care.

“The acquisition of Modern Medical further strengthens Healthcare Solutions’ capabilities in the management and delivery of pharmacy and specialty healthcare services to an increasingly broad array of customer segments,” David A. George, Healthcare Solutions CEO, stated in a press release. “The addition of Modern Medical, with its strong cultural values and long-standing reputation for superior customer service, enhances the company’s ability to develop and expand its innovative solutions within both the worker’s compensation and auto markets and reinforces the company’s unique position as the premier technology-based platform company serving these markets.”

Healthcare Solutions understands the bottom line in providing stellar customer service in the healthcare industry. First, provide customers with a wide range of products and services, so that they can customize their purchases to their unique needs. Second, focus on the cost of the services, to ensure the quality of healthcare is not compromised by high prices that cannot be met by all patients. This new acquisition positions Healthcare Solutions even more effectively to provide the highest quality of care and service to its customers.

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