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Georges St-Pierre vs Anderson Silva UFC superfight on tap for 2015?

According to a March 21 report from MMA Fighting, Georges St-Pierre is interested in fighting Anderson Silva in his return fight.

St-Pierre, 32, vacated the UFC's welterweight belt following his win over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167. St-Pierre is taking an extended break from MMA, and Silva is also out for an unknown period of time due to injury.

With that said, the stars could align for a superfight between St-Pierre and Silva in the summer of 2015. Silva should be ready to go by then, and St-Pierre could be lured out of retirement with the fight opportunity.

There were conversations before but they were talking about me going up at 185. I weigh 190 pounds, the guy weighs 230 pounds when he is off season. I'm 190 pounds off season. Right now I'm 195 at maximum. My friends saw him and he is now 230, 235. I know people who know him. He is very big. It's not a fair fight for me. Before, Anderson Silva was in my size when he used to fight in Japan but he is very big now. They were talking also that he was going to come in my division when I was the champion and I would have no choice. But me going up and after I fight go back down...I can't play with my weight. I can't come back and fight for the title or in a superfight. It has to respect my conditions, I all ask is a fair fight. Right now I need to take some time off. But if they have an offer with something good, maybe.

The "superfight" between St-Pierre and Silva has also sparked interest from the Brazilian's camp. Ed Soares, Silva's longtime manager, told USA Today that he would be interested in putting together St-Pierre vs Silva in 2015.

"If we were able to pull something like that off, it would be a win-win for everybody - the fans, the UFC. I think that would be awesome," Soares said of Silva vs St-Pierre.

Analysis: Silva vs St-Pierre might not have the luster it had in 2010, when both men were at the top of their respective divisions.

However, its still a fight that the fans would love to see.

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