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George Zimmerman is Homeless

In an interview, the murderer now abuser, details how he is in debt, has no place to reside and is suffering from PTSD.

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Zimmerman, whose killing of an innocent child is bookended by many episodes of physical violence toward women, is upset about how his life is turning out.

Well, then don’t shoot unarmed teenagers. Just a thought.

This column will only gloss over the allegation that Zimmerman molested a young cousin because that charge has not been substantiated. But his mistreatment, threats and the actual danger he presents to women are well documented.

Which brings the discussion to Michael Dunn. He was drunk, according to his fiancé and fired 10 bullets into a van of teenagers. The reason. He didn’t like their music and they were playing it too loud for his taste.

To echo the thoughts of Bob Dylan from his ballad The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll: the murder was a tragedy but the sentence imposed was the real shame.

Thankfully, Dunn will go to jail but the jury was hung - and thus generated a mistrial- on the important issue of murder. As in killing a teenager for no provocation. Example you ask. How about Michael Dunn in the convenience store parking lot.

Just an aside, but if the penalty for playing music too loudly was death, this column would be the only person residing in Baltimore City.

Back to GZ and his grab bag of problems. Oh George, enough about God being the only true judge of your actions. If you had lived in another state, our judicial system could have effectively weighed in on your crimes.

Inre the being homeless issue, there is a solution.

How about 25 to life in a Florida prison?

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