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George Zimmerman hired as security for Florida motorcycle, gun store

George Zimmerman just got a job as a security guard in a store in Florida.
George Zimmerman just got a job as a security guard in a store in Florida.
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It would seem that the folks in Florida either have an incredibly forgiving mindset or a ridiculously short memory. On Tuesday, a local Florida station, WFTV Channel 9, reported that George Zimmerman has been hired as a security guard in a central Florida store.

The store, Pompano Pat's in DeLand, Florida, is a gun and motorcycle emporium (so you know it's high class) that caters to the Orlando area. The store's owner, Pat Johnson, is best known for getting robbed while he was running for mayor on a pledge to lower crime. In other words, Johnson has clearly demonstrated that his ability to understand irony is virtually nil. At least, that's the only way to explain why he'd hire George Zimmerman as a freaking security guard.

For those of you who don't exist in this world, George Zimmerman's super power is unquenchable rage and a misplaced sense of justice. In 2012, he rose to notoriety after shooting and killing an unarmed teenager. Zimmerman still claims the tragedy was self-defense and that he was simply doing his civic duty. On this point, Zimmerman was totally correct, assuming that shadowing and assaulting a black kid who's just trying to get home is in the purview of the Neighborhood Watch … wait, you mean it's not?

Okay, okay, that's a hotly debated case, and there are several people (idiots) who buy Zimmerman's story about a scary urban youth. Need more proof that the guy shouldn't be trusted with either a) security or b) firearms of any kind? How about the five (count 'em, five) times last year he had run-ins with the law. In two of those instances police were called to Zimmerman's girlfriend's home because he was waving a gun around and threatening to shoot people. It was probably all just a misunderstanding, though, Zimmerman was probably trying to give a lesson in gun safety. I'm told lessons in gun safety often involve punching elderly men in the face.

Zimmerman is currently working at Pompano Pat's as a security guard, and this reporter has just set up a Google News Alert for "gun violence, DeLand, Florida". Just wait.