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George Zimmerman boxing match canceled for good this time

George Zimmerman at trial
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

After Trayvon Martin's family refused to accept any donations from Zimmerman's upcoming boxing match, the new promoter Alki David has decided to respect the families' wishes and cancel the fight.

David reportedly attempted to change the style of the bout to a bare-knuckle match with Zimmerman facing several big-time opponents. He even removed the celebrity boxing match title to please those arguing that Zimmerman is not a celeb.

Rapper DMX pulled out of the fight after claiming that he did not want Zimmerman to reap any benefits from that match or receive any payment.

It looks like the match has been canceled for good this time as Martin's family has rejected any donations in an effort to show that what they are trying to do is simply wrong. No boxing match, especially with the man who murdered their innocent son will comfort the pain of their loss.

Fight promoters will hopefully try to understand this and see past the opportunity to make a large payday off of a child murderer.

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