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George W Bush To Donate Texas Ranch Pickup For Auction!

Presidential Pickup to Hit Auction Block In Scottsdale
Presidential Pickup to Hit Auction Block In Scottsdale
Barrett Jackson

Each January in Scottsdale, Arizona the Barrett Jackson folks put on what is their marque collector car auction that is attended by thousands and watched live by many more on television. Always a 'happening', this auction has many special and unique vehicles that go across the auction block. Expect more of the same this year.

George W Bush has donated his special 2009 Ford F150 King Ranch Edition 4X4 pickup that he has driven all over his Texas ranch in Crawford since leaving the White House. This very special auction will benefit the Fisher House Foundation, a national program dedicated to assisting America’s military families.

Mr. Bush states that he has not driven on the street in years, but he has driven this Ford pickup all over the ranch near Crawford. The former Commander in Chief signed the right side airbag panel and with the truck comes a video of him signing it. One of the unanswered questions at the moment is whether or not this pickup has the special features normally associated with Presidential vehicles like bullet proof glass, special communications etc. You will just have to tune in on January 19th to see how tricked out this pickup might be!

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