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George W. Bush: This Blood is on Your Soul

George W. Bush and the Violence in Iraq
George W. Bush and the Violence in Iraq
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The horror occurring now in Iraq is directly caused by the actions of George W. Bush.

Wait to be perfectly accurate, so much misery, death and injury must be tied back to the non-President who hijacked his way into office. Through sheer laziness or otiose stupidity, Bush turned over the stolen powers to Dick Cheney and basically went bike riding.

Seriously, why didn’t Bush let his brother Jeb try for President first as the family wanted? Here would have been the perfect campaign slogan: Jeb’s no prize but we stopped his brother George from running.

Enter Karl Rove stage left.

Back to Iraq. As Colin Powell, the man who sold his soul to the second Bush administration stated: The Pottery Barn Rule: You break it, you own it.

And did we ever break Iraq. Into a thousand little pieces.

And now, after a river of misery and an ocean of death, as well as trillions of dollars, this country is in violent upheaval.

How bad is the situation? Iran is worried.

Oh George. This column images that you are thinking this is not your fault. You were but the dummy and Cheney the ventriloquist.

So you lied about, well everything. And you surrounded yourself with Neocons who could not organize a car wash let alone an immoral, military invasion of choice.

You used 9/11 to lower taxes on the wealthy and start a war your administration was already planning.

And by the way, if Al Gore had been allowed to take the office to which he was elected, he would have read the memo: Bin Laden determined to attack America.

But without this American tragedy, how could the Bush folks manipulate the country into a war? The War for Iraqi Freedom was the refrain.

George. You say you are a Christian. So far, the only manifestation has been the unholy hybrid of fake faith and the Republican Party.

That means war, death, hatred toward the poor and tax breaks for the moneychangers.

Aka Wall Street.

It doesn’t matter George how you have rationalized this to yourself. The GWB Museum is one long whinge of excuses and basically a multi-million dollar way of asking: What else could I have done?

Tsk. Tsk.

Your current or past levels of inebriation are irrelevant.

The fact that Dick Cheney and his friends waltzed off with your purloined mandate doesn’t matter.

I wasn't in the room or even listening, is a pretty poor alibi.

You are going to hell. That may not be your mission but certainly your destiny.

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